The key to golf cart maintenance is keep your golf cart in optimum running condition. We recommend having it serviced annually (more frequently for highly used utility vehicles). We also offer regularly scheduled, service check-ups on site for many neighborhoods and commercial properties.

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Seasonal resident? Let US store and maintain your golf car!

We now offer storage of golf cars, perfect for seasonal residents.  Storage includes driving, charging and watering the batteries to keep the golf car in optimum condition!  Call for rates and availability; pick up and delivery is free in Sarasota and Charlotte counties 941-484-8059.

In between service visits, below are our recommendations for how to care for your golf car at home:

Golf Cart Maintenance- Battery Care

  • Check Water

    Check water level in every cell monthly (AFTER charging the car); insufficient water can ruin batteries. Fill each cell with distilled water; maintain a level of ½” over the plates. DO NOT OVER FILL. Overfilling can lead to overflow of acid onto the battery rack, causing corrosion and expensive repairs.

  • Clean Batteries & Cables

    Keep batteries and cables clean and free of corrosion by spraying with a hose regularly since corrosion can cause a disruption in the electrical system. Use a degreaser if needed (Simple Green, Greased Lightning). Apply terminal protector spray on cable ends twice a year. Keep battery cable connections and battery hold-downs tightened.

  • Turn Off

    When not in use, keep car in neutral and key in “off” position.

Quality batteries, kept clean and watered, usually last 3-4 years under normal use. Expect to get 10 hours of stop and go use per charge cycle.

Golf Cart Maintenance- Charging

  • Charging

    Charge car in neutral, with key in “off” position. Charge car regularly (at least once a week), according to amount of use. Avoid deep discharge of batteries. You cannot over charge with an automatic charger. It may take up to 18 hours to fully charge batteries; let the charger run through a complete cycle and shut off automatically. Do not disconnect while the charger is still running!

  • Unplug

    Unplug charger from outlet and golf car when not in use. Keep battery charger inside to keep from getting wet. Do not charge if there is a chance of an electrical storm.

  • Storage

    If car will be idle for more than a month: charge car overnight, water batteries, then disconnect the red main positive & black main negative wires (for a car with an F&R handle), or place in “tow” position (for a car with a rocker F&R switch).


  • Clean and fill the batteries
  • Maintain tire pressure 

Golf Cart Maintenance- Tires

  • Tire Pressure

    Keep tire pressure at the recommended PSI. Check for uneven tread wear; rotate tires annually. Low tire pressure causes uneven tread wear, a poor ride, and puts extra strain on the batteries and motor!

Golf Cart Tire

Golf Cart Maintenance- Cleaning

  • Windshield

    Use a vinyl window cleaner (Red Max Pro) with a microfiber towel.

  • Body

    Use a spray quick detailer with a microfiber towel. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove scuff marks.

  • Seats

    With a towel, soft brush or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, use a vinyl cleaner/conditioner made for car seats; Totally Awesome (any Dollar Store) or Spray Bleach for especially tough stains.

We recommend a preventative annual service on all golf cars to ensure optimum performance!