As a Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer, we can build street legal golf carts for you, register, title and tag it to get you on the road quickly!

Custom Build!

One of the newest, increasingly popular uses for a golf car is as a personal vehicle, also called a low speed vehicle or “LSV.” Driving a LSV/street legal golf carts provide many benefits. Not only are street legal golf carts less expensive to buy and operate than automobiles, but they are much safer for the environment (see Go Green).  Licensed street legal golf carts can be operated on streets with a 35 mph speed limit or less. Like an automobile, you can take a trip to the beach, swing by the store for groceries or even go out to dinner, while enjoying the windy, leisurely ride to your favorite destination.

Each state, county and city has different guidelines for what accessories must be added to a street legal golf carts in order to make it road worthy. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles for the specific accessory requirements and registration process in your area.

Ready to Go!

We can custom build a street legal golf car for you or you can purchase an E-Z-GO 2Five TODAY, ready to drive right out of the showroom!


The following conversions are required in Sarasota, Charlotte, Hendry, Collier, Highlands, Desoto, Lee, Glades, Manatee and Hardee county:

  • Head, tail and brake lights
  • Front and rear turn signals
  • AS4 Windshield
  • Windshield wipers
  • Seat belts for each seat
  • Exterior mirror mounted on driver’s side AND EITHER exterior mirror mounted on the passenger side OR interior mirror
  • Parking brake
  • Red reflex reflectors, one on each rear side and one on rear
  • Electric horn
  • Slow Moving Vehicle triangle
  • Tag light
  • Top speed greater than 20 mph, less than 25 mph
  • Visible label that reads “This vehicle must not be operated on the public roads at a speed more than 25 miles per hour.”

A converted golf car/LSV can be either gas or electric, but must weigh under 2500 lbs. A converted golf car/LSV can’t be driven on a public road where the speed limit exceeds 35 mph. Operators must have a valid driver’s license. For more information, visit the Palmetto Department of Motor Services website,, or call the sales department at Affordable Golf Cars of Venice, 941-451-8872.