Drive PVT

We sell both new and pre-owned Yamaha, E-Z-GO and Club Car golf carts. Since there are varied uses for both gas and electric golf carts, we carry both in each of the brands.

Gas golf carts provide virtually an unlimited range and are very capable of climbing hills, hauling and towing cargo.

Electric golf carts have a distance range of 35 to 50 miles, depending on the model and voltage of the cart. They require very little maintenance, for easy ownership. With zero emissions and a low cost per charge, electric golf carts are green and economical to own and operate.

Thinking of trading up? We take trade-ins of virtually all makes and models. Call to schedule a quote for your trade in! 941.451.8872

Terrain Golf Cart

E-Z-GO, Yamaha and Club Car make many different models and are continually updating their technology, to meet the wide array of uses for golf carts. In addition, parts and accessory vendors are constantly creating items to truly personalize your golf cart for whatever activity you use it for! Although originally designed for golf courses, the ease of use, efficiency and durability, make golf carts a cost-effective option for commercial, utility, personal and recreational use.

Businesses use golf carts to transport their customers, such as at restaurants, marinas, hotels, festivals, etc. Many commercial properties use golf carts for security, maintenance, real-estate and landscaping personnel. Hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts love how capable golf carts are for going through various terrains, as well as hauling gear and people. Golf carts can be easily and economically outfitted to transport guns, fishing poles, kayaks, and other outdoor equipment.

Golf Carts

Many golf courses now allow members to bring their own golf carts onto the course, providing golfers the convenience of driving a golf cart to the course and keeping it outfitted with their own golf equipment. By adding fans, weather enclosures, radios, custom rims and more, a golf car is transformed into a vehicle of convenience, luxury and personal taste!

Golf carts also offer mobility to residents of private neighborhoods to get to the club house, visit the neighbors, or simply enjoy a nightly cruise. In most cities, driving a golf car on a public street requires converting it to a “low speed vehicle,” by adding “street legal” safety accessories and registering it with the Department of Transportation/DMV.